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Picnic Items
100g-400g. Cheapest item is free (Offer ends 06/08/19)
3 for 2
Goodfellas Thincrust Margherita Pizza + McCain Lightly Spiced Wedges + Birds Eye Chicken Popstars + Co-op Garlic Baguette + Cadbury Double Decker Tub
458g/750g/150g/310g/480ml (Offer ends 6th August)
£5 All
Buy 2 Thin and Crispy Margherita/Pepperoni Pizza + Budweiser Bottle/Coca Cola Glass Bottles
325g/339g/4x250ml/4x300ml (Offer ends 6th August)
Selected Chelmsford Star Pork Sausages
340g-400g Varieties as stocked (Ends 31/12/2019)
Lunchtime Meal Deal
Main + Snack + Drink = £3.50 (Selected items only)
Selected Spirits
70cl (Offer ends 03/12/2019)
Co-op Strawberries/Raspberries
Per Punnet (Offer ends 23/07/2019)
£2 each
Maltesers Ice Cream Sticks
3 x 100ml (Offer ends 06/08/2019)
Co-op Raspberry Iced Fingers
4s (Offer ends 6th August)
Cathedral City Mature/Extra Mature/Lighter Cheddar
350g (Offer ends 6th August)
St Ivel Utterly Butterly Spread
500g (Offer ends 6th August)
Philadelphia Original/Light/Light With Garlic And Herbs/Lightest Soft Cheese/Sweet Chilli
170g/180g (Offer ends 6th August)
Co-op Blueberry Muffin
4s (Offer ends 6th August)
Hula Hoops Flavarings Crisps Salt & Vinegar/Tangy Cheese
90g (Offer ends 30th July)
Diet Coke/Coca Cola Zero
1.25 Litre (Offer ends 20th August)
Kellogg's Coco Pops
480g (Offer ends 30th July)
Warburtons Bagels Plain/Cinnamon and Raisin
5s (Offer ends 30th July)
Nescafe Gold Blend
200g (Offer ends 30th July)
Doritos Cool Original/Tangy Cheese/Chilli Heatwave/Flame Grilled Steak
150g (Offer ends 30th July)
Doritos Hot/Mild Salsa/Sour Cream and Chive Dip
300g (Offer ends 30th July)
Bassetts Maynards Liquorice Allsorts/Wine Gums/Tangy/Jelly Babies/Fizzy Fish/Sports Mix
160g-190g (Offer ends 30th July)
Cushelle Ultra Quilted White Toilet Tissue
9 Roll (Offer ends 30th July)
Lenor Infusions Fabric Conditioner Gold Orchid/Ocean Escape/Ruby Jasmine Scent
875ml/925ml (Offer ends 30th July)
Robinsons Creations Orange and Mango/Peach and Raspberry/Fruit & Barley Pear Blackcurrant And Cherry/Strawberry & Watermelon
1 Litre (Offer ends 30th July)