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Latest Food Offers

Latest Food Offers
When You Buy Young's Chip Shop 2 Extra Large Fish Fillets In Batter/Young's 10 Flipper Dippers/McCain Oven Chips/ Co-op British Garden Peas/Carte Dor Tub Vanilla
320g/250g/750g/400g/1 Litre (offer ends 11th July) Varieties as stocked
Fosters Lager
10x440ml (Offer ends 25th July 2017)
Mix & match on selected Meat Fish & Poultry
100g - 1.56kg (ends 11th July 2017)
Double points throughout co-op fortnight
from 17th June - 1st July 2017
Pimm's Strawberry with a hint of mint
70cl (ends 4th July 2017)
Old El Paso Fajita/Nacho/Enchilada/Stand N Stuff Soft Tortilla Kit
350g-663g (offer ends 27th June) Varieties as stocked
Maynards Wine Gums Carton
460g (offer ends 27th June)
Walkers Sensations
82.5g/150g (27th June) Varieties as stocked
Cadbury Heroes Carton
185g (offer ends 28th August)
Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey
70cl (offer ends 4th July)
Chelmsford Star Cumberland Sausages
400g + 2 extra free = 600g (Offer ends 11th July 2017)
Magnum 3 Pack Double Coconut/Raspberry Magnum
264ml Varieties as stocked (Offer ends 11th July 2017)
Co-op Peaches
Per Punnet (Offer ends 4th July 2017)
Co-op Strawberries
Per Punnet (Offer ends 1st August 2017)
Haagen Dazs
500ml (Offer ends 11th July 2017)