60 second guide to BBQ Condiments...

60 second guide to…BBQ condiments

Whatever you’re cooking on your barbecue, it’ll taste even better with the right condiment. 

Here are six of our favourites

  1. Spicy mayonnaise Mix mayo with your favourite hot sauce, or sweet chilli for a milder effect.
  2. Co-op ketchup Everyone’s go-to condiment, ketchup works on everything.
  3. Creamy pesto Swirl spoonfuls of green pesto into crème fraîche.
  4. Co-op BBQ sauce Use as a burger topping, or loosen with a little oil to baste cuts of meat.
  5. Blue cheese Crumble the cheese into a blend of sour cream and yogurt.
  6. Co-op wholegrain mustard Tangy mustard will perk up salads and sides, as well as meat.