Cooking up a storm...

As lockdown seemed to dramatically change not only the nations shopping habits, but our cooking and eating routines, we take a look at what happened during lockdown and whether these trends are set to continue for a while to come....

As at-home evening dining occasions increased 60 per cent throughout lockdown, households are now spending more time cooking from scratch, which has seen consumers purchasing six times as much fresh meat, with pork (690 per cent sales increase) and beef (519 per cent sales increase) being the favourites.

In terms of food waste, 51 per cent reported that they wasted less food under lockdown and 45 per cent think this behaviour will continue post-lockdown.

The research unveils that households have reignited their love for cooking, as a third of the nation are now enjoying cooking more since being in lockdown and 39 per cent say their cooking skills have improved and have mastered on average, two new dishes to cook from scratch.

Sales of herbs and spices have also increased by over 100 per cent as shoppers are spending more time cooking with the guide of recipes, trying to recreate their favourite dishes and flavours at home.

In the first two months of lockdown the UK saw an extra 441m at home meals being eaten each week, a growth of 33 per cent as the dynamics behind meals eaten in the home are significantly impacted, we see people spending more time preparing and eating.

People are also making the most of what they have in their cupboards and are reducing their food waste:

  • 51% are wasting less food, and 45 per cent think this will continue
  • 42% cooking from scratch more and 32 per cent think this will continue
  • 36% keeping freezer well stocked and 23 per cent think this will continue

Top traditional meals cooked from scratch:

1. Sausage and mash

2. Chicken curry

3. Cottage pie

4. Beef lasagne

5. Cod, chips and peas

6. Macaroni Cheese

7. Beef Stew and dumplings

8. Toad in the hole

9. Braised steak and mash

76 per cent of us have cooked a traditional-style dish during lockdown with British being the most popular cuisine to cook across the country (31 per cent) with sausage and mash coming in the favourite at 36 per cent.

37 per cent of the nation have revisited dishes from their childhood. Lasagne and Pasta Bolognese have been two firm favourite dishes as the sale of these pasta sauces are not only increasing, but more people are purchasing them.

 • Lasagne sauce – 352 per cent item uplift and 342 per cent basket uplift - 4 times as many people are buying ready-made lasagne sauce

• Bolognese sauce – 260 per cent item uplift and 244 per cent basket uplift – 3 times as many people are buying readymade Bolognese


Spice cupboard – volume uplift:

1. BBQ seasoning (104%)

2. Garlic granules (98%)

3. Oregano (92%)

4. Ground cinnamon (90%)

5. Celery salt (89%)

6. Paprika (88%)

7. Cajun (86%)


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