New Charity Partnership announced

We've formed a partnership with the Essex Community Foundation to direct much needed assistance to a range of voluntary organisations and charities across Essex thatare struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Essex Coronavirus Response & Recovery Programme has been chosen by our Directors to be our new charity partner, with all support from colleagues, members and customers being directed at them until May 2021. The Programme will help with emergency funding, and intends to keep many vital services running across Essex that might otherwise be at risk, both now and as we move forward into the next stages of recovery. 

Barry Wood, our Chief Executive Office, said: “We are delighted to work with ECF to direct much needed assistance to a wide range of charities and voluntary groups across Essex, who are struggling due to the impact of  COVID-19. Our customers and members will also be able to donate in our food stores, or in our Quadrant department stores when they reopen, or via our new JustGiving Page. We are looking forward to our year of partnership with Essex Community Foundation, and hope this dedicated and local Coronavirus Response and Recovery Programme will make a real difference to people and services across Essex.”                                                                

Caroline Taylor, Chief Executive of ECF, said: “We have had strong links with Chelmsford Star Co-op in the past and have always admired their commitment to the community. The fact that they have chosen our Response and Recovery Programme as their charity of the year is wonderful news and is a great reflection of their community-based approach to charitable giving. Their support will enable us to help even more charities and organisations to sustain their services, which are needed more than ever.”

If you work for a charity and would like to apply for emergency funding, you can do so here. Our customers and clients can donate in all our stores, or via our new Justgiving Page here. Chelmsford Star Co-op and the Essex Community Foundation are looking forward to a year of partnership and hope this dedicated, and local, Coronavirus Response and Recovery Programme will make a real difference to people and services across Essex.