Our Head of Membership & Marketing jumps out of a plane...

Our Head of Membership & Marketing, Kevin Bennett jumped out of a plane yesterday (15th September) all in the name of Charity. Kevin started fundraising last year for the Alzheimer's Society and continued to fundraise for the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance when the Charity of the Year swapped over at our recent AGM in May.

In Kevin's own words he describes the experience... 

"It was noisy, then peaceful, then exhilarating, and it was considerably more scary in my own imagination. That being said, if this is something you don’t think you could do, please consider sponsoring me (if you haven’t already - this was meant to take place earlier in the year but was cancelled a nerve-shredding 5 times). Any new sponsorship will go to Essex & Herts Air Ambulance."

Kevin is hoping to reach a total of £1,000 across the two charities, with money still coming in from sponsorship.

You can sponsor on my work page here:

Thank you.