We donate £16,000 to Essex-based foodbanks....

Recent months have put a strain on the local foodbanks, with demand spiking as more people have lost their jobs, and children have lost the opportunity for hot meals at school.

We delivered cages full of long-life food to foodbanks across Essex and, because the organisations are struggling to cope with their additional costs, we also donated £16,000 to foodbanks in; Braintree, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Southend and Thurrock.

Lee, Warehouse Manager from the Braintree Foodbank, said, “Thank you so much for your extraordinarily generous offer. It is particularly helpful for us to receive a grant that we can put towards our core costs, as these remain invisible to many of our donors.”

During the COVID‑19 pandemic, we've seen some inspirational stories of co‑operation.

Over three quarters of a million people have signed up to become NHS volunteers. People stand outside their homes to applaud key workers every week. We're looking out for vulnerable neighbours. We're staying at home.

We want to harness this new culture of co-operation and change in everyday behaviour to raise awareness of co‑ops and the values that run through our diverse sector. We want to change society for the better as we rebuild.

Co‑ops are businesses built on values. We do business the right way. It’s in our DNA. Every day.