Your top 5 guide to Easter in lockdown...

Keep kids (and even adults) entertained this Easter with some of our ideas below...

1. Conduct a traditional Easter Egg hunt, perhaps include some smaller treats and non-edibles along the way to make it last longer. You could save the large Easter egg for the final find!

Use our 'clue cards' here, print them off and write your own clues in for where you decide to hide the eggs. 

If you're struggling to think of any here are some ideas and suggestions for you: 

  • The Easter bunny has laid a trail of gold, so the best place to look is somewhere cold (fridge)
  • For clue number two, the bunny might be out of sight , so think of somewhere cosy, like where you sleep at night (child's bedroom/bed/under the bed)
  • For clue number three think where mummy/daddy drinks tea (Kitchen cupboard/kitchen table)
  • For clue number four, you'll need to think some more; lambs have wool and chicks have feathers, but what do you wear during cold weathers (In their coat pocket or the coat rack/cupboard)
  • For clue number five, think where your morning's come alive! (By an alarm clock, or breakfast cereal - or where does your child start their day)
  • For clue number six, we are not playing tricks, the bunny could be hiding in with the lego bricks (Toy box or play room?)

Maybe for younger children print off our 'bunny footprints' to help them along. For older children maybe ask questions or something to make the clues a little harder? You could also add letters to the words to spell something out, like where you might go on holiday when the lockdown has finished or the name of the movie you are going to watch tonight!

2. Make some bunting to cheer up the house whilst on lockdown. If you can get hold of some string and paper, cut the paper into triangles or Easter egg shapes and your children can colour them or design some Easter characters on them, then hang them up in your house or windows to make people smile. :-)

3. Colouring sheets - most children love colouring in, so why not search for some easter colouring sheets on line. Try or

4. Bake together - why not make some rice kripsie cakes or easter treats together. See our recipe section for some ideas 

5. Make Easter bingo - think of all words related to Easter, then head over to to create your own family game. You could even get a bag of prizes together with things like creme eggs, Easter eggs and treats to add to the entertainment.