Door Step Challenge

This December, Chelmsford Star – Essex’s local and independent Co-op Society – is encouraging everyone to spread a bit of joy and good will to those who might not be as fortunate as them.

The Doorstep Challenge, an idea started a few years ago by our good friend Caroline Macrory, throws down the gauntlet and challenges people to buy a few extra items the next time they buy their groceries, then leave them anonymously on the doorstep of an individual or family that they feel could use a little extra support. Why? Is there anything more selfless, in the run up to Christmas, than doing a good deed for someone else and not wanting praise for it?

Chelmsford Star has created some cut-out luggage labels to go around the handles of your donated shopping bag so that the recipient understands why it is on their doorstep!

We’ve created two versions; one with space for you to write your own message, and one with some words pre-written.

Download your free cut-out luggage labels here.

Whilst Chelmsford Star Co-op does sell a wonderful selection of meal options and groceries, this initiative is bigger than any one retailer so feel free to buy your goodies anywhere that takes your fancy. However, if you can ‘shop co-op’ know that your community will benefit from your purchases also.

To find out how Chelmsford Star benefits Essex, click here.

To find out how Chelmsford Star benefits its members, click here.

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