New Charity Partnership announced

 We've formed a partnership with the Essex Community Foundation to direct much needed assistance to a range of voluntary organisations and charities across Essex thatare struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Essex Coronavirus Response & Recovery Programme has been chosen by our Directors to be our new charity partner, with all support from colleagues, members and customers being directed at them until May 2021.

New member representatives announced.

Member elections


Following a recent postal vote of members, our newly elected Member Representatives have been announced.

Congratulations to Judy Saunders and David Last for successfully being voted onto our Board of Directors, and to Nicole Gay who was elected back onto it.

Also, well done to Lois Bowser for being elected onto the Membership Committee.

Full voting details are as follows:


Board of Directors

Total ballot papers counted:   515

Spoiled papers:                       006

Top tips for Spring cleaning your home

Nothing feels quite as satisfying as cleaning your home from top to bottom, however it can be a little overwhelming!

Follow our top 30 tips to break it down into sections and you'll be sure that your house is totally clean...

1. Your Doormats

Trap more dirt by using two mats, one outside the door and one inside. To refresh, hose off and air-dry mats. Vacuum indoor ones on both sides — going over the back will push trapped dirt out onto the floor where it will be easier to pick up.

2. Your Windows

Hints to curb ‘parental rage’ during lockdown

Kids home from school. Partner working from home. We love our family, but being stuck inside with them throughout this pandemic is causing tempers to fray. Now we’re in week 3, our patience has been pushed to the limit. So, what can we do to maintain peace at home?

One thing is for sure; yelling is ineffective and raises everyone’s stress levels. Instead, come up with games that can turn challenges into family fun. Kids love to play, so when you’re playful too, you are working with your children rather than against them. 


Your top 5 guide to Easter in lockdown...

Keep kids (and even adults) entertained this Easter with some of our ideas below...

1. Conduct a traditional Easter Egg hunt, perhaps include some smaller treats and non-edibles along the way to make it last longer. You could save the large Easter egg for the final find!

Use our 'clue cards' here, print them off and write your own clues in for where you decide to hide the eggs. 

Best of three - Hot cross buns

Easter isn’t complete without a hot cross bun. 

The good news is they’re in our food stores now!

We love ours toasted, with butter... 

Our award-winning buns are the epitome of Easter. 
1. Co-op Irresistible Luxury Hot Cross Buns, 4 pack
2. Packed with fruit and a hint of spice, our buns are real crowd-pleasers; Co-op Hot Cross Buns, 6 pack
3. These have all the flavour of Easter without the gluten. Co-op Free From Hot Cross Buns, 4 pack