We help to clean up Woodford Green

Our Membership and Community Team united forces with the Woodford Amenity Group to help clean up the local area around Woodford Green.

Numerous volunteers gave up their time this morning (Saturday 20th July) to assist with the clean up and help the local community. Thank you to everyone that attended to help! 

We have some more clean ups scheduled for 2019. Please volunteer if you can. 

Top 5 tips to stop food waste

As a nation, us Brits waste far more food than we may think. Did you know nearly 1 out of every 5 bags of food shopping we buy ends up going to waste? In fact, the average UK household with children will throw away up to £700 worth of food per year! Preventing food waste will not only save you a ton of money but can ultimately contribute to saving the planet, and who can say no to that?

The county's biggest food festival...

Essex Food Festival Cressing Temple

Now in it's 8th year at Cressing Temple Barns the Essex Food Festival took place at Cressing Temple Barns on 13th/14th July.

14 of our Local Food Suppliers were in attendance in our 'The Only Way is Local' marquee including Cupcake Daisy, Broadoak Farm Sausages, Bishop Nick, Brentwood Brewing company, Dan Hull Prepared Foods, Shaken Udder and Elixirs of Life.

Monday 17th July marks the annual celebration of the pictographic language with World Emoji Day.

Monday 17th July marks the annual celebration of the pictographic language with World Emoji Day.


Here are 5 things to know about Emojis on their special day:


1. For the third year running, the “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji reigns supreme on social media. It dominates on Twitter and on Facebook as the most-used on both social media platforms. This should come as no surprise to those versed in emoji; after all, this same symbol was even the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2015.


We go bananas at 'The 3 Foot People Festival'...

Co-op goes bananas at 3 foot festival Chelmsford

As part of our Co-op Difference Campaign this Co-op Fortnight we are attending the three days of the 3 foot people festival which is taking place at Hylands Park in Chelmsford.

The festival caters for everything pre-school children could ever wish for and thousands flock to the park across the three days to see what local businesses have to offer and also partake in activities to entertain the little ones.

We are attending to promote healthy eating and have lots of free fruit to giveaway to help the little ones on their way to their 5-a-day.

Co-operators enjoy cream tea...

Co-operators from across the region met in our Chelmsford Dept Store yesterday (27th June) for a delicious Co-op Cream Tea.

The event, arranged as part of our Co-op Fortnight celebrations, showcased a range of different businesses operating successfully under the co-operative model, all over a delicious cream tea thanks to the award-winning baking skills of their Brambles restaurant.

Top tips for sleeping in a heatwave...

Heatwave tips

1. Choose cotton.

Save the satin, silk, or polyester sheets for cooler nights. Light-coloured bed linens made of lightweight cotton (Egyptian or otherwise) are breathable and excellent for promoting ventilation and airflow in the bedroom.

2. Feel the freezer burn.

Stick sheets or pillow cases in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before bed. We recommend placing them in a plastic bag first (to avoid food smells and dampness). OK, this won’t keep you cool all night, but it will provide a brief respite from the heat and humidity.