How to satisfy your travel craving when you’re self-isolating!

So many of us have had our travel plans postponed due to the virus sweeping the globe (and for the sake of the tourism industry, please DELAY your trip don’t CANCEL it).

So if you’re bottled up wanderlust is raising your blood pressure, or if your itch for travelling is not being satisfactorily scratched, we have some tips that will keep you going whilst the rest of the world goes mad around us.

Customer Notice - amendments to opening hours

Our food stores, in line with the rest of the industry, are experiencing an unprecedented level of demand.

To ensure that we can cope with this demand, and to be able to continue to offer excellent service to the local community, we have made some changes to our opening hours. 

Opening Hours

Our food store opening hours will be 7am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday (except where restricted by Sunday trading laws, in which case the hours will be 10am to 4pm on a Sunday).

There are the following exceptions to this:

Customer Notice - Quadrant Department Stores are temporarily closing...

Dear customers and members, 

In accordance with the UK Government guidelines we have temporarily closed our Quadrant Department Stores. (which includes the co-operative travel branches)

Keep visiting our website for updates and we look forward to seeing you all very soon when things return to normal.

Please all stay safe.


Updated: 24th March 2020

Preliminary Notice for the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2020...


Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Duke Street, Chelmsford, CM1 1JE


  • Report & Financial Statements for Year End 25th January 2020
  • Business Developments & Financial Prospects for 2020/21
  • Election of Directors & Member Representatives
  • Appointment of Auditor
  • Ratification of Share of Profits & Distributions

 Step forward... Vacancies

Chelmsford Quadrant Department Store welcomes 'Millbrook Beds'...

Millbrook beds are traditionally upholstered using only the finest natural fillings.

By using natural fillings such as British wool, silk, pashmina, cashgora and cotton in their mattresses, they create a mattress which is truly sumptuous and luxurious.

With the return of good craftsmanship growing, the demand for true quality is becoming more popular.

Your Millbrook bed should therefore be treasured as an investment, not only for its inherent quality, but also for the luxurious comfort you will enjoy – allowing you to awaken relaxed and refreshed.

Chelmsford Gym Club benefits from Community Card Funds

The Chelmsford Gym Club withdrew a cheque for £217.50 from their Community Card Account.

Our Membership Team went to present the cheque and got to spend some time meeting the children and seeing the fun they have at the club.

If you are interested in signing up to our award-winning Community Card scheme please visit: