All of the Society’s Food stores stock a range of Fairtrade products from Fairtrade bananas to Fairtrade chocolate.

Fairtrade means that producers are promised a stable price and develops long term trading relationships with producers in developing countries which offers them a better deal.

Through these long term relationships, stable prices and the Fairtrade premium they receive for their products they are able to invest in projects within their communities for example educational equipment, medical equipment and water supplies.

The Co-operative Movement has been a supporter of Fairtrade since 1992. Since then the range of Fairtrade products has continued to grow with all the Co-operative own brand hot beverage range now being Fairtrade.

People are probably most aware of the Fairtrade campaign through the food that they purchase in the supermarkets each week. However, there is much more to Fairtrade than just bananas and other groceries. Chelmsford Star is a proud supporter of Fair Trader, which is a community co-operative run entirely by volunteers to give small developing world fairtrade suppliers a chance of selling their products in the west. Fair Trader is based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. To visit the Fair Trader website click here

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For more information on Fairtrade download the Co-operative Group's Fairtrade Resource pack below.

Ask a producer

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