Register for Postal Voting

Postal Voting

Chelmsford Star exists for the benefit of its members and the various communities in which the society trades.

We are democratically controlled by those members, with each getting equal say on how our business is run and each being entitled to vote for their representative at strategic meetings - or stand as a representative in their own right.

Members wishing to get more involved often start out by attending our AGM or Interim meetings. Those wishing to invest more time, and put themselves forward to represent other members too, may then choose to attend one of our 'Get Engaged' events in the early part of the year to find out more. They may then choose to stand for either the Membership Committee, Members' Council or even the Board of Directors.

All members are encouraged to vote for their member representative. This can be done in either of our department stores in advance of our AGM (usually April or May) or at the meeting itself. Some members find it most convenient to vote from home, and so sign up for postal voting.

How does the postal vote work?

Prior to any election, we'll send details of all the candidates, including a personal statement and what position they're standing for. This will help you reach an informed decision on the candidate that best represents you and what you stand for. If you have a joint membership (sharing with a spouse or partner) only one of you will be able to vote. To register individually you should obtain individual membership.

If you don't take advantage of your vote during three consecutive years, you will be removed from the register and would need to apply again.

Members are still encouraged to attend member meetings, however would not be eligible to vote again if they have already used their postal vote.

If you would like to register for postal voting, please complete the form below.