Welcome to Chelmsford Star Co-op. 

We operate a family of businesses across Essex; food shops, department stores, travel agents and funeral homes.

Being a co-op means;

1) we're owned by our members, who are shareholders in the Society

2) we reinvest our profits back into the communities in which we operate

3) we follow a set of ethical rules known as our 'values and principles'

These ethical rules include honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others, and they are as true today as they were way back in 1867 when we were formed.

The aim then was to supply better quality goods to local families via a membership scheme which cost £1 to join – a large sum in those days and yet it still only costs £1 to join today.  Members were also entitled to receive a proportion of the Society's profits, which was returned to them in the form of a 'dividend'. This is still the case now.

To learn about our more recent history, you can read an online copy of our sold out '150 Years And Counting...' book here.



Legal Bits and Pieces: 


Registered Office 220 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0LS

Registered No IP000973R

The Society is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Co-operative & Community Benefit Society’s Act 2014.

The Society was established in 1867 and has traded since its formation with the sole intention of meeting the needs of its members, and sharing profits with them. Braintree Co-operative Society merged with Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society in 1969 to create the currently structured co-operative society, retaining the name Chelmsford Star. From relatively humble beginnings the society has developed by prudent investment, insightful management and the support of members and other customers to become a meaningful trading presence in mid-Essex operating convenience food stores, departmental stores, travel agencies, funeral businesses and renting property.

The Society's Rules are based on Model Rules 12, drawn up by Co-operatives UK and represent the most current version of recommended Rules for use by consumer Co-operative Societies. To view a copy of the current Rules click here.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be the leading ethical retailer championing excellence in service, employment and community involvement in Essex.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to work together giving life and meaning to the Co-operative difference by trading ethically in order to share our success and serve, support and sustain local communities.